P is for so many things, like –

– pranayama and prayer, poetry and Paterson.

Starting with Paterson , a brilliant and unconventional film exploration of what it means to move through the world as a poet. Please find space to let it move through your world.

Pranayama and prayer: I’ve been thinking a lot about these two lately, with the conclusion that they aren’t two, but one. The pulsation of breath is prayer, although we mostly remain unconscious of it. Life is about becoming conscious breathers and aligning our life force with the greater Life Force that moves through us in these tidal waves.

Prakrti pulsating (more P words!) in praise! (Pure poetry…!)

: )



O is for OM


set in motion

by primordial vibration

the universe blossoms into being

unfurling in colour, shape, texture, sound





N is for NOT just for me

Yogasana, when practiced steadily and for a long time (dirgha kala nairantarya) , prepares the way for an awareness that moves beyond the “little S” self and out into the universe.

Saint Paul exhorted the early Christians to “pray continually”. I don’t think he meant that one needs to go around saying Hail Marys and Our Fathers continually. The whole of creation prays continually – our very breath is a prayer. Krishnamacharya said that as we breathe in, God moves towards us; as we hold the breath in, God remains with us; as we breathe out, we move towards God; as we hold the breath out, we remain with God.

Cultivating an awareness of this sacred breath in asana and pranayama will allow our practice to radiate out into the universe and become a tool for transformation.

So this practice that I love so much is really not meant to be something just for me. It is seva, service, to the world.



M is for mother…

(We personify this nurturing aspect of the universe, from Mary, Mother of God to the tiger-riding, weapon wielding Durga. Mother echoes in all the Indo-European languages…)



first tastes the universe


riotous manifold manifestation



K is for…


The name given me at birth. Too long! Soon chiselled down to


Stuck for a time, until adolescent independence pared it down still further:


Monosyllabic. Harsh beginning. Eh? Dental stop.

Vibrational designation.