When I was birthing my children time ceased to flow in a tic-toc way. It stretched and meandered and became something entirely organic – not at all linear. Time was measured by the arc of contractions – something that I had no voluntary control over. The universe inhabited my body – I was well and truly a part of something infinitely greater than myself. Surrendering to that process I tasted bliss.

The last time I gave birth was to my fourth child (eighteen years ago!). Very near to the time when he would be born I put on the song Alegria (Cirque du Soleil) and  — danced — an act that was totally unplanned, totally improvised. I danced with the force of nature that would soon bring my son into the world.

“There is a love in me raging! Alegria!”

In the practice of yoga and tai chi this is the place I ultimately seek: a place of surrender into the mysterious flow of abundance, of joy and sorrow, that flows in and through me.



Everything is connected. This is more than a theory! It’s reality.

Let’s consider the body as a microcosm for the universe. Everything in the body – bones, muscle, organs, veins and arteries – is connected via the fascia. If we exert pressure on any part of this “web of life”, all other parts of the body adjust. Yoga and       tai-chi create movement patterns that manipulate the body’s texture in positive ways, promoting circulation of the vital energy throughout.

The body, in turn, rests within the matrix of the universe. With everything that we think, feel, say and do, we exert pressure on the rest of the universe, which necessarily responds and adjusts.

I have found that the more I can let go of the illusion of separateness, the more I am able to open myself to the synchronicity of this web of connection. For example, if I need to talk to someone at work, but am pressed for time, I will often cross paths with that person at just the right moment. If I have an idea of where I’m being called to serve in life, the right opportunities to do so will manifest.

This synchronicity is a million times more effective than anything our technology can invent! And it is available to everyone. In fact, it is who we are on the deepest level. We are connection.


the matrix

the matrix

there is a texture that everything falls back into finally it is a nesting matrix that is found in everything from the fascia in our bodies to the fragile continuum of the ecosystem nothing is exempt nothing is not in this and this is everything a seed roots and pushes through soil up and up into sun becoming tree one day branches branching into an infinity of light and air roots nudging insinuating deeper into darkness into earth finally decomposition all this is texture press on one part of the lattice and all other parts reverberate this web is in constant    vibration      vibration        vibration

stork spreads wings

Soft crunch of snow underfoot. Crystal prisms refract light into diamond sprays. I have walked out this morning to the frozen allotment gardens near home to do a tai chi set. The slowly undulating and meditative movement gently awakens my body. The crisp air invigorates; the movement calms.

Normally I practice inside – a sensible thing in Canada in January. And so, normally, my practice is defined by the parameters of walls and furniture. Stork spreads wings, brush knee, play lute – (back up to avoid coffee table) – and so on. The frozen gardens present a new practice container. My gaze can now extend to the bordering backyards and the sleeping vegetable gardens. The terrain underfoot is uneven.

I feel alive and full of the potential that this space and this new year hold.

May your practice be illuminated with joy!

Blessings of light and love in 2015…

snowy landscape