When performing, my Bharatanatyam teacher said, if you lose your focus for one second, you’ve lost your audience.

The connection is broken.

He went on to say that his impression of people practicing yogāsana was that they did a posture, then came out of it, did another posture, and so on – and that the thread of sustained awareness was absent.

Svadhyāya opportunity…

Yogāsana is a sādhana I’ve practiced for a long time, but what depth is there in my practice? How often is my practice just one posture, another posture, another posture… with my mind flying in a dozen different directions? To be honest, it’s most of the time. So once again, my new sādhana of Bharatanatyam has nudged me into taking a fresh look at my more established sādhana of yogāsana.

My sankalpa: to find the thread of sustained awareness that transforms āsana practice (and me) into a conduit for the flow of the Divine.

Thank you, Guruji.

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broken open

My heart is full of so many things right now. Real time connections with dear friends on the ground in suffering India no longer allow me to create an abstraction of the news reports I read daily.

My heart breaks.

Again and again.

Compassion means, literally, suffering with. Which implies connection. On the deepest level, we are connection. So – what to do in the face of so much suffering? Can I allow my heart to break open more and a little bit more with each breath? Can I use that heart broken open to allow love to flow? Can I trust that somehow, somehow love will find its way, will inspire the right gesture at the right time?

This is my sankalpa.

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