Mid to late afternoon, after tea, after reading Tagore. I lie down on the couch and curl up like a comma. Not to sleep, but to go quietly inside and think things through.

Today, I am considering the collision of world-views.

A few blog posts back I considered this distance that separates in the air you breathe: the inevitability of the separation that results from being coiled into our cultural cocoons.

The divide is fractal, existing not only on the macro level of culture, but on the micro level of any two individuals. We are all blind, in varying degrees, to the ground upon which we stand. We look out into the world, thinking that we see objectively. But the really real is veiled by the innumerable beliefs we hold about it.

What to do, then? Just give up and sink into the false conviction that only my world-view is real?

It occurs to me that attempting to bridge the gap is why we’re here. Here, now, in apparent isolation from everything else. Our attempts to find connection may often be clumsy and miss the mark. But we can’t give up the project.

This conundrum reminds me of the title of one of Tagore’s novels: Yogayog. That is, yoga + ayoga. Yoga – connection, and its opposite – ayoga – separation. The former is the ultimate reality that underlies everything. The latter is the relative reality in which we spend most of our time.

May we support each other in the attempt to bridge the gap and find connection. The survival of everything depends upon this.

5 thoughts on “yogāyoga

  1. A recent draft, in progress, which might be related:

    Love Cures All and is a Free and Inexhaustible Fuel -&- All Consciousnesses are Equally Invaluable

    It truly saddens me to see so much pain in the world which seems unnecessary and easily avoidable. So much ego and politics is created causing conflict and exploitation because many don’t understand that God’s love is limitless for all, and all have equally invaluable consciousnesses exactly as they are. God loves everyone equally, just as they are, and there is never any need to gain other people’s favor through achievement or to attain ‘status’; whether it be through acknowledgement from friends, family, community, or the media.

    Many operate as though they are insecure in this fact and must forever prove their worth to their particular tribe…such an enormous burden to carry! At the same time, this sometimes creates unthinkable atrocities in the world everyone suffers from…the memories of which are partly carried on from generation to generation…leading to further unrest. Many have stories to tell if we would listen to them. At the same time, we all must try to live in the present, and forget these past atrocities and try to encourage others to do the same who have been badly hurt.

    If we can correctly refocus, this means that all individual efforts can be focused upon the universal collective good without being partisan. Ego and partisanship, leads to enormous imbalances and inevitable conflict. We have endured this for far too long during our history for no ‘written in stone’ reason.

    God’s main gift to all, is love, and this means that if one accepts that love is the inexhaustible fuel that can never run out, achievement to gain favor with mortals is not necessary, and supremely foolish given the state of human relations and the planet. His gas pumps are overflowing with it, yet we seem blind to this. Instead, we form interest groups as if there is a limited supply and we must greedily secure our share of it though achievement and promotion of our particular group/tribal interests. In addition, this love supply is nearly inexhaustible for each of us to pour out, without discretion, daily. Only under very extreme interpersonal conditions does it seem like it might not be limitless and easy to give – and this feeling is temporary.

    Individual achievement is usually easy and pleasurable in itself. Other achievements create a lot of winners but also creates a lot unnecessary losers when all can easily win by being totally accepted by all. This simply means loving and accepting all instantaneously, without any judgement or calculation of how they may, or may not, help one to achieve love and acceptance from other fellow mortals. That essential gift has already been taken care of by God.

    I currently believe that most harmful and thoughtless activity is caused by an essential lack of acceptance and recognition that we are indeed very loved. With this security and peace of mind, these harmful behaviors could quickly be converted to productive and healthy relations and activity.

    We, and our home, Earth, don’t need any more resource consuming achievers; we need those with the courage to merely accept our essential inheritance and love and accept all without reservation. If this happens all the tremendous wasted energy that is expended on conflict can quickly and easily be converted to productive enterprise benefiting all of our precious consciousnesses and our precious home.

    All of God’s challenging situations and people are meant to lead us to this awareness, and they delightfully do, if you let this in. The world would soon become a paradise for all if we all accepted and acknowledged this gift of eternal security.

    This may sound far-fetched but it certainly works on a micro scale and should work at the macro level.

    My Best Regards,

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  2. I’m pretty sure what I meant here was that we should all primarily swim in God’s love and not our fellow mortals as that seems to have led us astray. I thankyou for the opportunity to express this notion.

    Best Regards,

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