7 thoughts on “transformation

        • I love languages and wish I could speak more! English is my mother tongue, and I’m fluent in French. I study Sanskrit, but find the grammar so challenging! Good for my brain, I guess : ) I like to chant in Sanskrit (some Vedic chants, the Gita… and I’m just starting to study Valmiki’s Ramayana with my teacher : )

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          • Same here! Although sadly as this brain gets older it seems to hold on to less and less. I’ve studied some Pali (a Prakrit of Sanskrit used in Theravada Buddhism), and learned some Sanskrit chants in yoga school. There’s a lot of overlap of the three languages since they’re so related. Love chanting: it certainly helps to remember the language when it’s associated with a tune of some sort. Wishing you great success in your studies!^)

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