R is for rethinking; S is for sweetness; T is for truth…

This summer I made a first trip to the west coast, where two of my sons currently live. Along with a wonderful chance to drink in the verdant beauty of Victoria, BC, the trip also afforded me some precious time to rethink how I am called to “mother” now.

When my children were small, so much energy went into loving them and making sure they were safe and happy. As they’ve become independent and moved on and away, there have been little moments of panic – how can I keep them safe now? They’re so far away…!

The realization crept upon me that it was always only an illusion that I was ever keeping them safe. The universe flowed through me to nurture and protect them… and the universe still does this, not only through me, but through other channels as well.

There is a sweetness in this truth. Love is infinitely creative, constantly manifesting in new and unimagined ways.

The universe truly has “got our back”!

Hari Om.


2 thoughts on “R is for rethinking; S is for sweetness; T is for truth…

  1. Beautiful and so true. I can relate as I adjust and let go in ways that are different as my adult children move forward in their own lives. So glad you got to see your sons. ❤

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    • It was a pilgrimage of sorts! So nice to have been able to spend time with them and see first hand where they live and work… It’s an interesting stage of parenting (I also have one son still at home – !). Maybe life is just a series of “letting goes”…

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