just shut up… and LISTEN – !

Some years ago I had a vocational flash, you might call it, to be a healer. There is so much suffering in the world. If only I had the “power” to wave it away and give people release from their suffering.

Well, life has been offering me a few teachings about just what it might mean to be a healing presence in the world. It’s not just about acquiring healing techniques – yoga, pranayama, massage – and handing them out, like Santa Claus.

For one thing, if I want to be a healer, I have to get deeply in touch with my own brokenness.  And once I have really understood how this connects me with the rest of humanity, I must want, more than anything else, to hang out with the broken.

Not to fix them.

To listen.

To shut up and listen.

To be open to the other, and not so full of my own foregone conclusions about what they might or might not, need.

This dawning realization has been considerably humbling.

Hari Om.


3 thoughts on “just shut up… and LISTEN – !

  1. Holding space? You know this as a yoga teacher already. It’s about allowing things to be as much as about creating awareness of other possibilities which might emerge through time. The allowing is such an important part because we’re so rarely offered it in our busy results-driven existences. I humbly think….

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    • Yes… it is like that. Thank you for drawing the analogy. It makes me think back to those magical moments in the (English) classroom when I was somehow able to tune in to what was arising and go with it. Rare moments of grace…

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