Everything is connected. This is more than a theory! It’s reality.

Let’s consider the body as a microcosm for the universe. Everything in the body – bones, muscle, organs, veins and arteries – is connected via the fascia. If we exert pressure on any part of this “web of life”, all other parts of the body adjust. Yoga and       tai-chi create movement patterns that manipulate the body’s texture in positive ways, promoting circulation of the vital energy throughout.

The body, in turn, rests within the matrix of the universe. With everything that we think, feel, say and do, we exert pressure on the rest of the universe, which necessarily responds and adjusts.

I have found that the more I can let go of the illusion of separateness, the more I am able to open myself to the synchronicity of this web of connection. For example, if I need to talk to someone at work, but am pressed for time, I will often cross paths with that person at just the right moment. If I have an idea of where I’m being called to serve in life, the right opportunities to do so will manifest.

This synchronicity is a million times more effective than anything our technology can invent! And it is available to everyone. In fact, it is who we are on the deepest level. We are connection.


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