stork spreads wings

Soft crunch of snow underfoot. Crystal prisms refract light into diamond sprays. I have walked out this morning to the frozen allotment gardens near home to do a tai chi set. The slowly undulating and meditative movement gently awakens my body. The crisp air invigorates; the movement calms.

Normally I practice inside – a sensible thing in Canada in January. And so, normally, my practice is defined by the parameters of walls and furniture. Stork spreads wings, brush knee, play lute – (back up to avoid coffee table) – and so on. The frozen gardens present a new practice container. My gaze can now extend to the bordering backyards and the sleeping vegetable gardens. The terrain underfoot is uneven.

I feel alive and full of the potential that this space and this new year hold.

May your practice be illuminated with joy!

Blessings of light and love in 2015…

snowy landscape

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